PT. Tangguh Prima Energi is declassified on the basis of a consortium of integrated global professional actors Marine Sea / Marine Shipping Offshore-onshore Logistics Providers, Marine Mechanical Engineering Part Supply and Repair – Recondition, Transportation Energy Procurement and Energy Mining Project Consultation Services, Safety Equipment Logistics Procurement Services and security, while providing Management Consultation / Training Services in the field of Safety, Management of ISO, SMK3, Oil & Gas, ISM Code, Ship Maintenance Plan, Vetting Consultants Services, Global Auditors.

Logistics Procurement Services Safety and Security Equipment

To best support your ever-changing logistics needs, we are continuously evolving our transportation services.

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Mining Energy Project Consulting Services

Sea-Air cargo is the last to be loaded and the first to be unloaded, reducing transshipment times and risk.

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Marine Mechanical Engineering Part Supply dan Repair – Recondition

Provides a scalable and customizable solution for customers who have programs to retire outdated IT assets.

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Tangguh National Company partners with other private entities, Government and Partnerships, by establishing win-win commitment solutions to achieve the goal of togetherness success, The partnership philosophy that is built is Tangguh, Prima, Harmony, Team Work and focus on putting safety priorities in all aspects and maintaining environmental balance.


Logistics service providers that are integrated for Procurement Services and Marine Onshore-Offshore Repair / Maintenance Services throughout the National Service even reach the World Class by emphasizing the Collaborative Principles of Tangguh, Harmony, Excellence, Team Work and Focus putting the priority of Safety in all aspects and maintaining environmental balance in the business process so that quality is achieved in a successful partnership.

Safe & Secure

We maintain the best security for our services with a high level of customer satisfaction

Fast Delivery

Ensuring that everything reaches the right destination and time, we always prioritize speed and accuracy in shipping

24/7 Support

Tangguh Prima Energi is ready to provide solutions to support your business.